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Whats My Home Worth Burlingame

Do you want to know “what’s my home worth in Burlingame?” I’m Jeff LaMont, broker. Having to sell your family home can be an overwhelming task. Interviewing agents can be intimidating, but when we connect, you’ll see that we’ll work together. I’ll arrive at our first meeting fully prepared with an impressive package of materials that included an informal assessment and marketing plan.

If you’re merely doing research, that’s okay too. I don’t want you to feel pressured to sign with me to sell. When you are ready, I’ll also be. I’ll put together a strategy that’s smart, targeting the best buyer for your house in a short period. I have all the resources you need to get the word out on your home. I handle every aspect of preparing your house for sale.

If you want to know “what’s my home worth in Burlingame,” come to talk to me. When you put your trust in me implicitly, every decision along the way is heeded. My strategy works because I put your best interests first in all my recommendations. You’re going to get several great offers. I’ll negotiate a high price for you. I have a firm belief that I embody everything a broker should be.

I’m transparent, I advocate for you, and I know the Burlingame market. I know how to negotiate aggressively and when to pull back. I have the resources and tools for every aspect of the sale to keep it moving forward at the right pace for you. I’m always available and easy to reach. Doing what’s best for you is my priority. I insist that you book your complimentary seller’s consultation.

  • I want to know what’s my home worth in Burlingame.